About Smounds


SMOUNDS INC founder, Ashley Richmond, continuous observation of his own and other’s loved ones everyday struggles of dealing with separation anxiety when he would leave his loving and dependant 12 year old Shih Tzu Raashid for work, to come home and see Raashid angry and unhappy. Ashley, for weeks took Raashid to behavioural classes but nothing was working with the time schedule around a working life. Ashley trialed varying ways to try and combat the struggles Raashid was going through, nothing was working, until Ashley read how pet’s needs from an emotional perspective gets side tracked on a daily level due to pet owners work and family commitments. After reading and talking to many pet owners, Ashley understood that not only Raashid needed assistance in emotional daily support, but tens of millions of other dogs needed the same support. The invention of the SMOUNDS pet toys began. Ashley worked backwards on the approach of not competing to build another indestructible pet toy for the market to entertain our loved ones, but rather to create a toy that took the destructive behaviour and struggles out of the pets. Smounds is thinking long term happiness, not short term entertainment.

Fun Facts

  • DOG AND CAT SENSESDid you know dog’s can smell 100,000 greater than that of humans, and hearing capabilities of 400% greater than human’s dependent upon breed. Dogs also taste their food through smell, rather than tasting food through eating like that of humans. Cats can smell an average of 14 times greater than that of humans, and hearing in cats is greater at higher pitch tones than that of humans, but cats and humans have a similar hearing range at lower tones.

  • NUMBER OF DOGS AND CATSHow many dogs and cats are there in North America and around the world? Smounds has listed some of the countries that have the largest dog and cat population, with the USA leading the way;


    USA … 83.3 million dogs … 95.6 million cats


    Canada… 6 + million dogs … 8 + million cats


    Brazil … 30 + million dogs … 15 + million cats


    United Kingdom … 8 + million dogs … 9 + million cats


    China … 27 + million dogs … 11 + millions cats

  • TYPES OF TOYS FOR DOGS AND CATSDogs … Plush free toys … Plush toys … Tug toys … Food dispensing toys … Fetch toys … Chew toys … and now there is Aromatic health toys by Smounds.


    Cats … Furry mice … Feather wand … Laser pointer … Play cubes … string … Catnip toys … Ping pong balls … and now there is Aromatic health toys by Smounds.

Problem Solving

  • 23 million dogs in the United States suffer from one form of anxiety

    13 million dogs Fear of Noise or Noise Anxiety in the United States

    10 million dogs suffer from Separation Anxiety in the United States

    9 million dogs suffer from Reactivity towards people and/or dogs in the United States

    3.5 million dogs suffer from General Anxiety in the United States

    3.5 million dogs suffer from Travel Anxiety in the United States

    $1,000,000,000 (Billion) each year is spent dealing with Anxiety problems in the United States

  • Smounds Logo


  • Did you notice that the Smounds logo has 3 paws inside the “O”? But where is the 4th paw? The Smounds logo was design with this in mind. The “O” in Smounds represents the 4th paw. The name Smounds combines the principle of the 4th paw “O” being an indication of how pets touch the heart of Smounds Inc as a business. Smounds Inc wanted a logo that represented how important pets are to our lives. They are our family, friends, guardians, companions, supporters but to name a few. The “O” in Smounds was made larger than the other letters in Smounds to project that pets are the main and only focus for Smounds Inc.

    The Smounds logo also means Smell and Sounds combined. Smounds Inc wanted the company name to represent exactly what the founding products achieves, both smell and sounds simultaneously. Not only does Smounds Smell and Sounds combined produce’s Olfactory Auditory Convergence (OAC) which stimulates both nasal and auditory sensors at the same time, Smounds smells also produce essential oils fragrances for dogs and Hydrosol’s fragrances for cats. A secret blend of Essential oils created by Aromadog are the development of over 16 years of veterinarian approved scents that help the wellbeing of dogs of any breed, size, age and lifestyle. A secret blend of Hydrosols are Aromacat’s invention to create an aromatic fragrance for cats to also help the wellbeing of any breed, size, age and lifestyle of cats.