Q: Does Smounds pet toy’s help all breeds, sizes and ages of dogs?

A: Smounds dog toys are sized to cater for an average sized between 20lbs to 60lbs in weight. But dogs below 20lbs and dogs weighing in excess of 60lbs can easily play with Smounds toys. The Smounds dog toy is 22 inches long, light in weight and very strong for all breeds and ages of dogs. Smounds does recommend observing your dog’s playing habits with the Smounds dog toy for the first 10 to 20 minutes.

Q: Does Smounds pet toys cater to cats?

A: Smounds has also developed toys for cats. Combating general boredom and aggression is the key for a cat’s well-being. The cat toy is in the shape of a mouse and is 2 inches in length and very durable. The Smounds cat toy is suited for all breeds and ages of cats. Smounds does recommend observing your cat’s playing habits with the Smounds cat toy for the first 5 to 10 minutes.

Q: What safety aspects do Smounds pet toys have?

A: Smounds dog toys consist of veterinarian approved 100% human grade essential oil mixed blends developed by Aromadog, combined with 100% Polyol human grade compounds contained within a noise maker, conveniently and securely within the durable plush free toy. The Smounds dog toys all round are 100% safe and durable within careful playing methods and environments. Smounds cat toys; TBA

Q: Can Smounds pet toys be washed?

A: Smounds dog and cat toys can be washed, and conveniently the noise maker in the tail of the Smounds dog toy can be removed to enable washing purposes of the plush free toy. Cat toys can also be washed, by removing the squeaker from the main body of the mouse toy, the cat toy can be washed accordingly.

Q: Where can Smounds pet toys be played with?

A: Smounds toys can be played either inside or outside; the durable plush free material allows the toys to be played in any environment and weather conditions.

Q: How beneficial are Smounds pet toys?

A: The development of 16 years of secret blends and industry standards has afforded Smounds pet toys to use the very best natural 100% human grade essential oils blends developed by Aromadog, accompanied by 100% Polyol human grade compounds to enable pets to get the full benefits of natural relaxation to combat many emotional disorders while playing with Smounds toys. Dog’s naturally enjoy the smell or certain essential oils, Smounds uses the markets best secretly blended mix created by Aromadog to enable full enjoyment and multiple emotional cures in one toy. Smounds toys are simple, just squeak and play, the rest Smounds will do! The secret blends of essential oils are used in veterinarian clinics across the USA, and has had wide success rates with all breeds, sizes and ages of dogs.

Q: Smounds pet toys are Veterinarian approved, so is it a health product or a toy?

A: Smounds toys are a combination of both a pet toy and a health product combined. Smounds development of the toy was created around convenient use of playing while combining emotional recovery using Aromadog’s proven therapeutic blends. The Smounds toys was born, and now all pets can get the double benefits of play and wellbeing. Even if your pet does not experience any psychological or physiological issues or concerns, Smounds pet toys are advantageous for everyday positive support and balance. Think of a scenario of you playing your favorite sport or hobby and you have your mentor talking you confidentially all the way through from start to end successfully, well Smounds pet toys does the same, but in the form of a pet toy and 16 years development of natural and proven formulas developed by Aromadog.

Q: Will the benefits of Smounds pet toys happen immediately or over a period of time?

A: It varies from breed, age, environment and emotional condition. Some pets react to it immediately, some may take a few days to come to terms with the benefits.

Q: How long will the aromatic smell in Smounds pet toy last for?

A: We have trialled that the aromatic smell will last over 12 months, if not longer. If the Smounds pet toys are played with frequently, it may not last as long as regular play.